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The Windows key plus the R key i. It would only take you 3 reboots to figure out which it was anyway ;-. Tetsujin Tetsujin Fredrik Fredrik 1. Redundant to an answer that predates it.

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Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Command-R will reinstall whatever version of macOS was on your Mac before it died. But if you hold down. You can also hold down Option-Command-R to upgrade to the latest version of macOS that will work with your Mac, or Shift-Option-Command-R to go in the other direction, and install the version that came with your Mac when it was new.

My favorite aspect of this option is that — if you have a good, fast internet connection — it can actually be faster to reinstall from the internet than to reinstall from a DVD. Target Disk Mode is simple. If you start up with the T key held down, your Mac becomes a giant storage disk which can be plugged into another computer, just as if it were thumb drive. It will show up as a connected disk, and files will copy across at full speed, instead of slow Wi-Fi network speeds.

How to Boot any Mac into a boot device with Windows keyboard

If you still use a Mac with a DVD drive, then this startup trick will force the tray to open as you boot. It might also be the easiest of these shortcuts to remember, because you just have to hold down the eject key. Hopefully one of these shortcuts will have helped you out.

Choose Another Startup Disk with the Startup Manager

If nothing else, knowing that they exist will be useful if you have problems in future. Whilst the idea of the computer mouse essentially an inverted trackball has been around since the s, many people were still using keyboards as the sole input method some twenty years on.

macOS Boot Modes and Key Combinations

Even after the mouse became a standard computer accessory in the mids, many programs relied on keyboard shortcuts to perform particular functions. Even with new input devices, in addition to mice and trackpads, there is still a place for keyboard shortcuts. In this tutorial, I will show you the various keyboard key combinations that perform particular tasks when starting up your Mac. This tutorial, instead, concentrates on some very specific key combinations to achieve particular effects when starting up your Mac.

What to do when keyboard commands don’t work at startup on your Mac | Macworld

Startup key combinations are invoked immediately following the startup chime, and before the grey Apple logo appears in the middle of the screen, when you power-on your Mac. The object of these key combinations is to perform different functions, many of which are useful in the maintenance of Macs. The key combinations listed in this tutorial are specifically for use with Macs with Intel processors. Tip: If you have a Windows keyboard, you can usually use the Windows key as the substitute for the Command key on the Mac keyboard.

Tip: If you are having difficulty invoking startup key combinations, ensure that you press and hold the keys immediately after the startup chime.

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Alternatively, use a wired keyboard where possible, to rule out any issues possible with Bluetooth keyboards. Pressing the C key immediately after the startup chime will enable the option to boot from a range of media such as a bootable CD, bootable DVD or a bootable USB drive.

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  8. Pressing the D key immediately after the startup chime will boot your Mac into a suite of diagnostic utilities that enable you to test the hardware of your Mac. This is a useful way to rule out any hardware issues when trying to diagnose a possible problem with your Mac which is why you may not have heard of it and, no doubt, have never used it! This information includes:.

    When you invoke the Command-Option-P-R keyboard combination, keep the keys held down immediately after the first startup chime and release them upon hearing the second startup chime.

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    Pressing the Option key immediately after the startup chime will show you the available startup volumes. This is particularly useful if you have your hard drive partitioned with two or more operating systems from which you wish to boot your Mac. Or, in the case of maintenance and recovery, when you need to boot from an external drive. Pressing the Eject or F12 keys immediately after the startup chime will eject any removable media, such as an optical disc. That said, the reliance on optical media is diminishing now that modern Macs are supplied without a SuperDrive.