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Mouselook is a modifier only active when the mouselook key is down it therefore requires a little hacking to keep mouselook on at all times.

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The best way to do this is to create a plain-text file called "autoexec. If you already have an "autoexec. Note that you should always put any and all custom startup settings in your "autoexec. How do you turn off or increase the mouse smoothing?

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Use the "Mouse Filter" slider to the "Options" menu to affect the amount of smoothing applied to the mouse extreme left is off, extreme right is full smoothing. How do I release the mouse cursor when running the game in a window? The mouse cursor is automatically released when a menu is activated hit the 'ESC' key to access the main menu.

NOTE: The 'Customize' menu is an exception as it requires direct access to mouse buttons to properly bind game actions. Although Apple-TAB is a 'standard' way to switch applications, it is not appropriate for fullscreen games. Both the Apple and TAB keys can be bound to in-game controls, and are therefore disabled to avoid accidental switching during gameplay. Apple-Q is also disabled for the same reason.

Make sure your monitor is NOT set to colors and try again.

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Game occasionally pauses with hard drive activity. This usually occurs in low memory situations that force the game to 'cache-on-demand' data on the fly. Do not increase the application's default RAM allocation! OpenGL uses system memory to cache textures so increasing the default RAM allocation is usually a bad idea.


If you have plenty of physical RAM MB or more , and are experiencing demand caching, feel free to bump up the application's RAM setting by 12MB or 16MB this extra RAM can help when playing certain mods or total conversions, but is not usually necessary for unmodified games. Users with lower-end systems or video cards with less than 8MB of VRAM should see dramatic framerate improvement by setting the "Color Depth" option to "Thousands" and the "Texture Quality" option to "16 bit".

Screen "Flashes" continuously after enabling "Sync every frame". Try disabling then re-enabling "Sync every frame" until the problem clears up. Sound 'stutters'. This has been known to occur on older systems or with virtual memory running on heavily fragmented hard drives.

Computer attempts to connect to the internet when launching the game. There seems to be a conflict with the freeware utility GlideHackLib, and later Voodoo drivers v1. Remove GlideHackLib from your extensions folder if it's present. The following describe changes in the drawing and rendering facilities provided in Mac OS X. Back to top.

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Login Window is an application that runs as a part of the boot process allowing users to sign in, and protecting the system software from unwarranted access. Network Services Location NSL allows you to register and search for services on a network in a protocol-independent fashion. New features and corrections found in NSL include:. The ntpd Network Time Protocol Daemon is a background task that synchronizes the system clock with known time services on the Internet. Prebinding is a process that optimizes the performance of Mac OS X applications so their launch times are improved.

MacTech | The journal of Apple technology.

Issues addressed in this update to prebind were, for the most part, related to problems that could occur during the "Optimizing System Performance" portion of installations. Prebinding could use up about mb of disk space during execution that would not be recovered until the system was restarted. This problem has been corrected so that the disk space is recovered when prebinding is complete r.

Assorted problems that could crash prebinding during execution have been corrected rr. Update QuickDraw is the part of the Mac OS used for drawing and displaying graphical information on the screen and other raster devices. The Window Server provides a centralized mechanism that may be utilized by multiple simultaneous processes for displaying information on the screen.

Core functionality for web sharing services in Mac OS X is provided by apache. Software Update provides a way to find and install the latest system software for your computer by way of the Internet. Software Update Client 1.

How to change resolution in Mac OSX to 16:9 (1920x1080 / 1280x720) - Tutorial

This section describes changes provided in the Note: Developers interested in to enabling telnet, rlogin, or rsh on their machine can follow these steps:. Be aware, though, these facilities do not provide encrypted connections and so any data transmitted along these connections including passwords and other information is not secure and may be viewed by others using intrusive monitoring software and equipment.

Unicode is a character set which encodes the characters of many languages in a flat bit number space. The Classic environment is actually a full version of Mac OS 9.

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This allows users to upgrade to Mac OS X without fear of application incompatibility. The Kernel is the lowest level part of the operating system that mediates all access between higher level system software services and the computer hardware. Apple events provide a simple interapplication and intraapplication communications facility for Mac OS X applications. The Apple File Server provides file sharing connectivity allowing other Mac OS computers to connect and access files stored on your computer's hard drive. Audio services provides APIs for playing back and recording digital sound samples in a number of popular formats.

The Carbon API set provides human interface services for use in applications programs. The Carbon Core incorporates essential services that are generally devoid of a user interface. These facilities range from memory management to process management. ColorSync provides system-level color management that enables publishing software to achieve repeatable, reliable, and consistent color on-screen, in print, and for electronic delivery. The Disc Recording framework introduced with update